The HX1 is an intelligent Group 1 UAS that combines rugged portability, autonomy, and onboard AI to enable rapid deployment and real-time situational awareness.


Folds to store compactly along with two extra batteries, Ground Control Station, and tools. Deploys in under 60 seconds.


State-of-the-art sensor fusion, obstacle avoidance, and the ability to detect and avoid other aircraft for safer autonomous missions, even BVLOS.

Artificial Intelligence

Built-in computer vision and a powerful onboard AI processor that can run up to six Deep Neural Networks at once.

When the mission matters most, nothing else compares.

Our team has been hard at work creating a new drone for public safety and disaster response. We're taking a no-compromise approach based on the simple idea that public safety drones must work when called upon, no matter the circumstances. So when cellular infrastructure is destroyed by hurricane winds and 5G networks are unreliable, the mission can go on. When lives are on the line and you don't have several minutes to wait for an RTK fix to launch, the HX1 will be ready to go without sacrificing precision. When urban canyons and interference compromise the navigation of other drones, the HX1 with GPS-denied and degraded capabilities will be ready to go.

Because when the mission matters most,
there's no room for compromise.

Premium Features Standard

Ready-to-fly with premium features right out of the box

3-Axis Gimbal with FLIR EO/IR Sensor 

64 MP visible camera

Capture detailed imagery and support AI and machine learning for intelligent sensing applications.

640 x 512 resolution radiometric thermal camera

See through darkness, smoke, most fog, and glare, and measure the temperature of every pixel in a scene.

Ruggedized Ground Controller

  • Drop-resistant MIL-STD-810H all-weather design
  • Daylight-readable, multi-touch display works even while wearing gloves
  • CivTAK / ATAK-compatible
  • External Swappable Battery Modules for non-stop missions
  • Multiple radio options, including Federal and Government bands (M1-M6).

Pelican™ Air Carry Case

Tough, light case to store, protect, and carry the HX1 w/ standard payload, controller, batteries, and charger.

  • IP67 & MIL-SPEC certified
  • Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof
  • Stainless steel padlock protectors
  • Made in the USA
  • Retractable handle & quiet-rolling wheels
  • Airline carry-on size *

* Check with your airline for exact measurement requirements

And so much more

Robust & Reliable

US-built with premium components (NDAA-compliant)

Precision Navigation

RTK for centimeter-level GPS/GNSS positioning w/ anti-interference, anti-spoofing, anti-jamming technology

Digital Data Link

Mesh-capable, long-range, encrypted Command & Control w/ 5G backup

Payload Flexibility

Field-swappable payload attachment w/ open-standard MAVLink protocol support

Obstacle Avoidance

Detects and navigates around obstacles

Hot-Swappable Batteries

Get back in the air and resume missions faster without having to power down or restart the drone

Air Traffic Avoidance

Detects and avoids nearby aircraft with ADS-B in

GPS-Degraded Operation

Operate in GPS-degraded environments with anti-jamming, anti-spoofing, anti-interference technology

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(Preliminary specifications - subject to change until fully-validated by operational tests.)

9.44 lb / 4.28 kg (drone only)

16 lb / 7.29 kg (w/ batteries)

21 lb / 9.57 kg (MTOW)

Max Payload
5 lb / 2.28 kg

Max Endurance

40 mins (w/ standard EO/IR payload)
25 mins (w/ max payload)

C2 Range
12+ mi / 20+ km (depends on factors incl. antenna gain, line of sight obstructions, Fresnel zone clearance, and environmental noise)

Altitude Limit
10,000 ft Density Altitude
3048 m Density Altitude

Temperature Limits

-4 F to 131 F

-20 C to +55 C

EO/IR Payload

FLIR Hadron 640x512 radiometric Boson® LWIR thermal camera; 64 MP visible camera

Primary Command & Control Radio

High-performance dual-band (915MHz and 2.4GHz) mesh, capable of transmitting full HD 20+ km.

Available M1-M6 (1625-2500 MHz) for Government and Defense applications, including Blue UAS.

OTA Data Encryption

128-bit AES (Full throughput);

256-bit AES (12 Mbps max throughput)