Journey toward safe, reliable autonomy

Our vision of the future of commercial drones, what's missing, and why it matters
April 4, 2024 by
Horizon Aerobotics, Inc.
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Safety and autonomy are critical to drone industry success 

Our team has been hard at work evaluating and integrating UAS components from world-class suppliers with the aim of achieving the highest reliability available in an off-the-shelf, Part-107 compliant commercial drone product. We decided at our inception that we would distinguish ourselves in the global drone market by focusing on safety and reliability as core values, and on autonomy and artificial intelligence as core capabilities. Safety and reliability, we believe, are critical to expanding access to shared airspace. Robust autonomy and artificial intelligence are key to unleashing the full potential of drones in more complex and high-ROI commercial use cases.

Differentiating in the global drone market

Competing in the global market where value is determined as much by price as anything, and against global competitors who benefit from lower labor costs and government subsidies is challenging, and demands something other than a head-to-head approach and merely trying to produce the same or similar products for a better price. Ours is a different value proposition entirely. We're focused on where we see the market going, and not where it has been. Our view of the future is one in which drones enabled by artificial intelligence routinely fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) as highly-autonomous mobile edge computing devices, gathering and processing vast amounts of data in real-time to deliver actionable insights-- as extensions of the modern IT enterprise.

Demand for technology innovation

But this future we imagine requires capabilities that either don't exist today or are still in their infancy. And it demands that the drone industry step-up to expand and mature capabilities in critical areas including cybersecurity, interoperability of heterogeneous systems, and management of drone fleets and infrastructure at scale. We believe that solving these challenges will usher in a new era of possibility, market expansion, and with it, eventual ubiquity of enterprise drone technology.

Collaborating to innovate

We're collaborating with technology providers, customers, resellers and others with whom our vision of the future aligns and resonates. If you share our vision and are interested in collaborating to accelerate its realization, contact us and let us know where it fits with your own, and let's create this exciting future together. 

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